Everything You Need While On The Road With Your Vehicle

When you encounter an emergency (heart attack, etc.), pressing the SafeCall button enables the emergency center to communicate with the in-vehicle and emergency response teams are directed in line with your needs.

Even if you lost consciousness in the event of an accident, emergency response teams are automatically directed to the scene.

You do not waste time with crime scene description. Thus, the emergency response team does not waste time searching for an address.

It allows a conscious intervention in line with your previous health information.

It offers the opportunity to reduce the risk of accidents with its driving behavior development program.

Drivee SafeCall Components


Communicate even in situations where you can’t move with the advanced built-in microphone


Our call center is with you whenever you need it with built-in loudspeaker


Activate emergency teams with one touch


Emergency teams are with you in the fastest way with GPS system that sends instant location information


Get direct assistance with sudden impacts detected by G-sensor technology.


Always stay in touch regardless of your vehicle with the internal battery.


Stay in touch on the road

Security Certificates

Drivee, which has international standards, is the first device to have an OTAM crash test. Drivee SafeCall does not affect the warranty coverage of the vehicle, as it is a device that works independently of the vehicle system.