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Drivee SafeCall Safe your loved ones with Drivee Drivee, a telematics device equipped with smart sensors, sends an automatic message to the emergency call center in the event that vehicles are involved in an accident, allowing them to communicate with the vehicle and ensure that emergency responders reach the scene quickly. Even if the driver loses consciousness in the event of an accident, since the system is activated, the intervention team is directed to the scene quickly. DISCOVER

How Drivee Safecall Works

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In Europe, 35,000 People Die In Traffic Accidents
A Year.
8 mins % 95 % 95 Driver-induced Error Min. Emergency Call Talk Time Unfounded Call The first minutes after the accident "Golden Hour" is of vital importance. In the event of an accident, the emergency team can quickly respond to the injured by accessing the location and all health information in the Drivee system. Detailed information about the incident can also be accessed with accident simulation.

European Parliament Proposes Safecall Systems


Lives Can Be Saved


can be saved

According to the research of the European Parliament, with the spread of SafeCall systems, an average of 2,500 lives can be saved annually and a large amount of money can be saved in Europe alone.


” Drivee detects risks according to driving behavior and prevents possible accidents by its algorithm,. In case of a possible accident, it allows you to hold on to life with accident detection and in-vehicle emergency call system.”

Quick Intervention

To shorten the time of the ambulance to reach the scene by 50% by delivering instant geo-location information to emergency teams via the call center.

Direct Assistance

To ensure the fast transportation of the ambulance to the scene, even in possible loss of consciousness


To reduce all death, injury or property damage that may occur in the event of an accident.

Safe Journey

Making journeys safe by detecting possible accidents and similar risks in advance.

Emergency Aid

To reduce the time to reach the emergency hotline and make it easier to get help.

Risk Identification

To take precautions against possible adversities by detecting drivers with high risk of accident in advance.